Welcome to our MoleculeFactory
Custom Synthesis of small and complex molecules for R&D departments

ChiroBlock's “MoleculeFactory” is your solution provider for complex and challenging custom synthesis projects of novel and commercially not available molecules.

As an experienced chemical CRO, ChiroBlock is your ideal outsourcing partner, if you are in need of complex research reagents, reference standards, impurities or the first amounts of functional compounds for your product development.

Depending on your needs, our custom synthesis services provide everything from the mere sketch of the desired molecule to the validated scalable synthesis protocol.

With our 100% focus on small scale synthesis service we provide sustainable solutions for research and development departments from various industries, with respect to their different demands.
Being experts for research and development on chemical synthesis we fill the gap within your value creating chain between the basic research at universities or research institutes and the large-scale manufacturing of your compounds.

That means, at ChiroBlock you find the advantages of both worlds:
  • the creativity and innovation of passionate chemistry researchers and –
  • the thorough understanding for economic, regulatory and environmental issues.
ChiroBlock taps the latest developments in chemical synthesis in a completely unbiased, but clearly determined way.
The target compound is our aim and paving the path to it is our business. We are aware of the increasing demand for novel, commercially not available compounds as basis for product development at our customers.

Regardless of whether you are striving towards new APIs, new OLEDs, new food additives, better catalysts, highly potential fungicides, cosmetic ingredients, sweeteners or dyes: new, custom tailored molecules are required, bearing the desired properties.

While our customers are experts in predicting, measuring and improving these molecule properties, ChiroBlock is the expert in actually synthesising them. The actual making of first samples of such new research reagents is only a tiny step in product development – however, a very important one. If it is neglected, the properties of many promising structures can not be tested or – even worse – wrong answers will be obtained.

There are many faults possible in handling such contract synthesis services:

Outsourcing to chemical service providers
working on FTE–contracts:

There you will find dedicated resources for custom synthesis. You will not find the most efficient approach due to the resource based payment.
You can not transfer all the risks to the service provider. You will not find proprietary tools enabling the FTE-parter to guarantee results. You are faced with unpredictable costs and uncertain outcomes.

Outsourcing to (GMP) manufacturers:
There you will find excellent experts for managing and optimising chemical production processes and quality management issues. You rarely will find profitable research departments completely dedicated to R&D on syntheses to new molecular entities which are very unlikely ever to be manufactured on larger scale.
There you will miss the independent, flexible R&D approaches tapping the latest innovations in science. The research and development departments at manufacturers are necessarily internal service providers of these companies for transferring new products, new processes into the production process.
This is a completely different aim compared to making a hitherto unknown compound only once. Different aims require different approaches, other internal structures and processes and different staff & equipment.

Can you dare the failure of your development projects by neglecting these risks when choosing one of these suboptimal alternatives?
Leave your sophisticated custom synthesis projects to a dedicated, focussed industrial R&D company which is not engaged in manufacturing or trading and which not merely sells “capacity”: Build the success of your product development on the basis of ChiroBlock's “MoleculeFactory” business.

To grant the very first delivery of new molecules, innovative approaches are required. This is less the question of inventing a new technology but much more an issue of combining and adapting existing approaches in an optimal way and within a predictable time frame.

ChiroBlock has been developing proprietary internal processes of finding and combining such suitable synthesis technologies meeting the customer’s demand since its foundation in 1999.

Only these proprietary processes – implemented in ChiroBlock's so called “Synthesis R&D Platform” – allow us to operate successfully. ChiroBlock's profitability – without any complementary manufacturing or trading business – is the best proof of this statement.

Due to these advantages of specialisation we are able to offer our customers a results based payment even for very risky projects. That means: We cover the risk of any failure in the course of finding a route to your molecule and you will save money and precious time.

The balanced and skilled management of risks, quality, knowledge and projects together with our highly qualified staff (mainly PhDs) and state-of-the-art equipment are the keys to our success.  

So working with an expert like ChiroBlock pays off in many ways:
  • unbiased access to the newest technologies
  • calculable risks and costs
  • saving of fixed costs,  sharing of risks
  • state of the art facilities without the need to extended investments on the customer’s side
  • access to ChiroBlock's Synthesis R&D Platform – shaping innovations for industrial applications
  • higher efficiency due to focusing on the core business on both sides
  • ideas and experiences from another and completely unbiased point of view
  • availability of experts on demand
  • faster product development

What if the synthesised molecule turns out to be THAT hit in your development? What if larger quantities are needed?

Wouldn’t it have been better to outsource the project to a manufacturer right from the beginning? The answers are “No problem at all” and “Definitely not”.

Less than 2% of all research compounds are ever needed in larger quantities. Consequently it makes sense to care for the 98% first and then to ask for solutions for the remaining 2%.
ChiroBlock is part of both vertical and horizontal clusters (link). We regularly transfer our validated laboratory processes to (GMP) partners for up-scaling and manufacturing – if requested by the customer.

Due to clearly defined intersections, this transfer proceeds seamlessly and fast. Please, also refer to our “ReDesignFactory”, where such transfers are an essential part of the business.  

There are many examples illustrating the application of our MoleculeFactory Services:
  • An industrial R&D department is looking for samples of reference compounds marking the actual state of technology
  • A public research institution developing a new nano material is in need for gram samples of a commercially not available compound
  • A pharmaceutical company requires analytical standards representing impurities of APIs
  • An analytical laboratory requests a labelled reference compound
  • A biotech company needs a special non-natural derivative of a carbohydrate in order to test its implication on the cell metabolism
  • A fine chemistry manufacturer is looking for samples of improved catalyst compounds…
ChiroBlock is familiar with all these requests. Leave them to our MoleculeFactory and you will experience the advantages - and the differences.
We are synthetic chemists with heart and soul and are looking forward to your challenging custom synthesis projects.