Why ChiroBlock is the ideal outsourcing partner for challenging small scale synthesis of sophisticated, complex molecules:

Have you ever constructed and built a house completely on your own?  

Comparable to the construction of a house is the development of new products. Only very few of the largest companies can cover all stages of the development process with own in-house resources and capacities and guarantee to be at the technological forefront with each and every of these stages.

Therefore, the outsourcing of special tasks to focused partners is essential for a maximum of success in this business. The outsourcing of chemistry related R&D issues in the very beginning of product development is one example of such a clearly separable task.
With all its facets, pitfalls and possibilities, research and development on chemical syntheses is a vividly developing and very complex field of its own. 

Most of ChiroBlock's (potential) customers do know about the advantages of outsourcing some or even all aspects of both chemical syntheses and of their development & optimisation:
  • the availability of chemical resources on demand
  • lower in-house investment requirements
  • the focus on core business lines 

While these facts are generally true and acknowledged, the answer to the following question might not be that obvious:  

Where to start with chemistry outsourcing?  

Would you start building the house without a plan? And – would the construction company be the right address for creating and verifying such a plan? Wouldn’t it be helpful consulting an architect for this complex task? Wouldn’t it be preferable to have a number of ideas, sketches and plans to choose from before advancing to the construction (production) site?   How many of the preliminary drafts never will be put into practice?

It is understood, that an efficient and validated small-scale route is basis and prerequisite for the commercial success of the following production process.
That might be comparable to the architectural plan and its relevance to the subsequently erected building. Nobody expects the architect to actually build the house or to manufacture tiles.
But a thorough understanding of construction, statics and materials plus the ability to present a ‘small scale model’, however, is indispensable.

This is exactly why ChiroBlock decided to put its focus on small-scale synthesis: To develop the verified plan – to produce the very first samples for testing.

ChiroBlock is selling knowledge, employing “brains” instead of “hands”. Highly qualified synthetic R&D chemists and a wide range of available technologies are crucial for this service. Manufacturers, on the other hand, need experts in engineering, technical staff, plants and machines.

So, why would you leave routing, synthesis design and small scale syntheses to manufacturers?

Like with a construction company, they are the right partner for scale and mass production. In return, it would not be advantageous forcing them to design a process or to transfer results from basic research to industrial application.

One out of hundreds of research reagents and small-scale processes might be needed on larger scale. Are you lost then - with ChiroBlock?

In case one of our small scale compounds turns out to be needed in larger amounts – this is no problem at all.
The customers can freely choose between own resources and partners or they can rely on our effective vertical cluster of (GMP) manufacturing companies. 

Proven, clearly defined intersections guarantee the seamless transfer between ChiroBlock and (one of) these partners. The same applies if additional expertise is required.
ChiroBlock also has been building a horizontal network of technology providers, specialists and experts who are ready to contribute as soon as our customers and we deem it helpful.  

Some companies decide to outsource research & development tasks to institutes or to collaborate with universities.So why not consulting them in terms of small scale contract synthesis?

There is no doubt, you will find first class scientist and new chemical approaches. But you definitely will have to cope with:
  • a lacking reproducibility – due to missing detailed reporting, documentation and a quality management control
  • problems regarding IP-issuesdue to staff fluctuation, a lacking awareness of confidentiality issues and contrary interests regarding the publishing of results
  • low efficiency due low economical pressure – and last but not least:
  • necessarily biased approaches of group leaders specialised in a certain technology field

With ChiroBlock, however, you have found a partner who exactly delivers that service required at the very beginning of each synthesis process: routing, scouting, synthesis design, sample preparation, optimisation, validation, IP-mapping and development of lab scale syntheses.

All this is being done with the spirit of industry. No more. No less.  
Take advantage of the power of specialisation. Keep your projects structured and do not fall for the sweet promises of a chemical Swiss army knife.

Chemical service providers, acting like “one-stop-shops” for all kinds of chemistry related tasks, (e.g. from analytical to medicinal chemistry) can not manage to be THE expert in each and every field.

Due to their wide scope, they are not able to build up the same innovation and know-how power of a specialised company like ChiroBlock.

ChiroBlock has been building up comparatively slowly but very carefully, absolutely consistent, steadily and purposefully to meet the demands of a very special fraction of the chemistry outsourcing market since its foundation in 1999.
  • ChiroBlock serves only one part of the very broad and divers chemical outsourcing marked: The non-GMP small scale synthesis + R&D on such syntheses towards sophisticated molecules
  • ChiroBlock is solely engaged in synthesis – we do not predict, measure or alter the properties of molecules
  • ChiroBlock is entirely focused on the service business – we do not manufacture and we do not trade own or third party’s products on a regular basis
As a result of this clear focus:
  • ChiroBlock is staffed and equipped perfectly matching this market’s requirements
  • ChiroBlock has been developing purpose-fit proprietary tools, business processes, soft- and hardware components in order to manage risks, quality, projects and knowledge of this very special business in a standard setting way for more than 13 years.
  • These tools, combined in ChiroBlock's “Synthesis R&D Platform”, enable us both to assume most risks of research and development projects for the benefit of our customers and to stay profitable without any complementary “classical” business field.
  • Consequently, ChiroBlock offers most of its services on a “fee-for results” (fee for service”) basis.
  • In contrast to specialised ‘technology providers’, ChiroBlock is entirely unbiased regarding technologies of synthesis, purification and analytics – very often finding more straightforward and more appropriate routes than expected with a certain technology in mind.
  • ChiroBlock is not selling mere resources but scientific input – know-how instead of tons.Dealing “only” with small-scale syntheses, we are able to keep pace with the scientific and technological progress in this field – transferring the latest results of basic research into industrial applications.
  • In summary, ChiroBlock manages all the work related to synthesis in the gap between basic research at public institutes and the process development at manufacturing companies.

What else makes ChiroBlock your ideal outsourcing partner for small scale contract synthesis?

  • strictest IP-Protection - ChiroBlock does permanently invest in highest security standards (24h surveillance, secure communication techniques, no physical connection between our servers and the internet, working under secrecy agreements)
  • minimal staff turn over – staff owned, private and independent company
  • frequent and honest communication with our customers – our philosophy: an uninformed customer, is an unsatisfied customer, bi-weekly reports on the state of the synthesis
  • track record since 1999 – more than 5000 reactions per year successfully completed
  • flexible option & contract models to meet your specific demands
  • excellent infrastructure – within Europe’s largest chemistry cluster
  • experiences throughout all branches (from pharma to sensors)
  • ChiroBlock really adds value to customer’s projects.

We talk both languages – that of chemical science and those of industry. Just talk to us!