Welcome to our ReDesignFactory
Our Routing Scouting, Route (Re)Design and Optimisation Service

ChiroBlock's long and successful track record in contract research on chemical syntheses and our synthesis service of customised, new and complex molecules lay the groundwork for our ability to scout (for) new, better routes to known molecules.

Whether you are seeking a patent free approach to your molecules or an optimised syntheses route with respect to synthesis time, the amount of by-products, the environmental impact, yield, purification or other parameters – ChiroBlock's ReDesign-Factory might be the appropriate service to address these issues.

ChiroBlock offers the first feasibility check regarding the potential of a route optimisation free of charge.  

Why an optimisation/ re-design of your synthesis routes is definitely worth a try:  

Nowadays, the rapid development of new approaches, compounds and molecules, as well as the increasing number of new technologies being available, make it difficult to keep pace with the progress in each and every field.

Today’s methods and approaches are quickly a matter of yesterday. It can be hard to estimate which development is worthwhile to be considered and which is not. The availability of new synthesis technologies, educts and equipment are quite hard to monitor.  

ChiroBlock assists the customer to decide on the appropriate technology and we have got close connections to various technology providers if it comes to very special questions.  

With our 100% dedication to small scale contract synthesis R&D it is an essential part of our every day work to develop innovative and sustainable approaches to molecules exhibiting special properties.

Our long experience in R&D on chemical syntheses and the custom synthesis service of new and complex molecules lays the groundwork for our ability to scout for new, better routes to known molecules. That is why ChiroBlock offers a first feasibility check for free.  

To sum it up:
  • an optimal lab-scale development of a synthesis route lays the basis for the later manufacturing costs and the competitive edge
  • a newly designed route, optimised towards your special requirements will help you to reduce costs and time
  • ChiroBlock will help you to increase the efficiency of your processes with an optimal selection of the latest technologies and a re-designed synthesis exploiting the advantages of our specialisation on synthesis R&D   

If you are interested in our innovative “ReDesignFactory” process and how we sketch and optimise a synthesis approach applying our “R&D Synthesis Platform”, please do not hesitate to contact us.    

How ChiroBlock generates innovative approaches to increase the efficiency of your synthesis routes:  

As with our two complementary business lines, “MoleculeFactory” and “IP-Factory”, the “ReDesignFactory” as well, is based on ChiroBlock’s “Synthesis R&D-Platform” - comprising proprietary tools for managing processes, knowledge, quality and risks.

Consequently, we are able to offer most of our services – even risky tasks - on a “fee for results” basis.  

With more than 5,000 different reactions per year and a company history of more than twelve years, ChiroBlock’s synthetic chemists have got the experiences and the know-how to solve demanding problems in chemicals synthesis in an economic way.  

Many such solutions have been sold to customers who wanted to tap a powerful chemical R&D department without investing in own resources or in order to (regularly) double-check their own findings.  

We do not claim to be experts in each and every single technology regarding synthesis, purification and analytics. However, we are the experts in selecting the most suitable technology for a defined problem. Sometimes an enzyme may be superior to a low-molecular homogeneous catalyst. Sometimes the opposite is true. Some conversions may require and justify a flow reactor, others not.

There are cases, where the counter current chromatography is viable – other compound mixtures may require a gel chromatography step. However, ChiroBlock will find the right solution with respect to your individual needs.    

But why should you source these tasks out to a specialised chemical service provider like ChiroBlock? Why not addressing a chemical manufacturer, specialised on the technical side of process development?

It goes without saying: Both, the selection of the actual synthesis route towards a target compound and its adaption for large scale manufacturing are the key factors for efficiency, environmental impact and competitive edge.

All chemical manufacturers pay much attention to “process development” issues – meaning the optimisation of up-scaling and large scale manufacturing processes. Normally dozens of skilled process chemists and engineers are available for carrying out these demanding tasks at each and every chemical producer.

Addressing scale effects and regulatory issues, handling the waste management and quality problems, managing capacity utilisation and the availability of bulk amounts of starting materials – all these topics are essential to every company engaged in the chemical production.

As manifold and as demanding as these tasks are, as many service providers do exist offering assistance to the up-scaling and manufacturing processes.

ChiroBlock, however, does not contribute anything to this market. With our focus on applied R&D on chemical syntheses and with more than 60% of our staff being PhD chemists, we do not have the expertise to support manufacturers in solving these more technological problems.

What about the actual route scouting/ selection and lab-scale development?  

Most chemical manufacturers quite naturally also have got some resources addressing the “routing” and lab-scale process development. The validated small scale procedure finally is the basis for all subsequent up-scaling and manufacturing steps.

However, in most cases, these resources are comparatively weak and sub-optimal for a number of reasons:
  • de-novo route development, route scouting, initial lab-scale research and development is risky and expensive
  • the staff and infrastructure required, differs substantially from those required for manufacturing
  • a technologically unbiased approach needs many different experts who can not be kept busy by only one (internal) client
  • such internal lab-scale R&D departments are rarely profitable on their own
  • two “worlds” of chemistry have to be merged with such R&D departments: on the one hand - the efficiency and the economical and regulatory aspects of the industry and on the other hand - the innovative, creative side of basic research at public institutions in order to quickly transfer the latest research results on synthesis to an industrial application
  • as a consequence, one hardly finds more than a dozen R&D chemists dedicated to routing and lab-scale development even at larger chemical manufacturers.

More often than not, these few researchers have to carry out additional tasks supporting production, up-scaling or analytics. Being an integral department of the manufacturer, these chemists furthermore have been developed in the general ‘atmosphere’ of their company dealing with a more or less homogenious product and synthesis spectrum.  

Obviously, there is “gap” - place for a chemical R&D service provider:
  • bridging the academic with the industrial world
  • approaching every problem without any technological bias
  • assuming most of the risks of R&D projects
  • offering validated, verified and reproducible lab-protocols ready for the subsequent up-scaling and/or production
  • with purpose fit equipment und scientific staff
  • without own large-scale manufacturing facilities – hence, lacking the danger of misusing the IP sold to customers
  • offering validated, verified and reproducible lab-protocols ready for the subsequent up-scaling and/or production

ChiroBlock exactly offers this service with its “ReDesignFactory”.   A clearly structured, transparent approach to either the optimisation of existing synthesis processes or to the development of entirely new processes is the very core of this business field.

Customers from various industries can outsource (parts of) their routing and small-scale development tasks to our experts.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a patent free or environmentally more benign way towards a desired compound or if you just wish to check the availability of new / better catalysts of one of your key steps, ChiroBlock always provides cost-efficient and profound solutions beyond the abilities of most competitors lacking our determined focus.