Meet ChiroBlock at 2nd European Chemistry Partnering on February 23rd 2018

Meet us at Europe’s leading Chemistry industry Partnering event.

It is all about innovation, cooperation, investments and customers.

Agenda of the 2nd European Chemistry Partnering event:

The establishment of mutual business contacts is the focus of European Chemistry Partnering. The course of the event is simple. On-site registration begins on February 23rd 2018 at 09:00 am. The 2nd ECP is opened at 10:00 am with the Keynote. Starting from 11:00 am the Pitches and the Partnering begin. The Exhibition will accompany the event the whole day from 9:00 am. On the evening before the main event, Thursday, February 22nd 2018, there will be an informal welcome evening.

ChiroBlock will attend this event with an own exhibition stand and will introduce its innovative services with a short presentation (pitch).

Find more information on:  Opens external link in new windowhttp://european-chemistry-partnering.com/


Grant of the CIR Certificate

ChiroBlock successfully applied for being recognized as R&D partner eligible for the French Research Tax Credit Scheme. Last month we were granted the so called "CIR Certificate" from the French Ministery of Research and Innovation. It is an acknowledgement of ChiroBlock's long-standing and permanent activities in chemical research and development.

Our French customers now benefit from the option to lower their tax burden when ordering R&D services with ChiroBlock. This is an indispensable prerequisite for further expanding our strong position in the French market.


Meet us at: ChemieparkForum_2017

ChiroBlock will attend the first Chemieparkforum on October 18th 2017 in Wolfen.

Please find more information here:

 Opens external link in new windowChemieforum_2017


The Importance of Further Training and Education for Employees – keeping skills at the forefront of the technical progress

Businesses today must do everything possible to stay competitive and maintain a highly qualified and motivated staff. Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees.

One of the most important reasons to offer further training and education to employees is to ensure that work skills stay current. Keeping employees up-to-date with software applications, the latest thinking on chemical methods, and ways to improve efficiency are all necessary to keep the performance on a high level. An unsuccessful company is one that does not keep up with trends in business, that is reluctant to change, and that has an unmotivated job staff with stagnant skills.

ChiroBlock as an ISO 9001 certified company is committed to staff education. We offer all our employees the possibility to train their skills. Not only the chemistry related skills, but also safety trainings and the effective project management are in the focus of our education program.

ChiroBlock was granted support for its staff education program by the European Social Fond. One current example is the funding for training on online marketing techniques with special focus on data privacy, social networking and other new communication tools.

With this further training, we are confident to find better ways to communicate with our customers taking account of the increasing digitalisation of work.


Marriage of Chemistry to Plant-Based Economy

Science Campus

The finite nature of fossil resources has been discussed for decades as well as their negative impact on our environment. The number and decisiveness of real consequences of these facts are not too impressive by now.

Single, locally restricted and mainly half-hearted measures have been taken such as the ban of nuclear power plants in single countries or the replacement of a tiny fraction of fuel driven cars by electric operated ones.

Especially the drop of the crude oil prices continues to discourage many actors in the field of a real "green revolution". Nevertheless, actions have to be taken now in order to prevent dreadful consequences for mankind.

Chemistry plays a crucial role in this transformation to a sustainable economy. Thousands of chemical processes have to be adapted as to remove reagents derived from crude oil or coal. Here, ChiroBlock's "ReDesignFactory" very well fits into this scenario. We join forces with a local cluster dedicated to "Plant-Based Bio economy".
Participants of public research institutes, of chemical, biochemical and agricultural companies met early this month to discuss new developments, trends and to initiate new, marked oriented R&D projects in this field.

ChiroBlock definitely will continue to contribute to this green (r)evolution by providing brilliant ideas on how to design synthetic routes without relying on fossil and hazardous materials.

 Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.sciencecampus-halle.de/index.php/Startseite.html


Nurturing chemical start-ups

Starting-up a business is not an easy task. Founding a chemical company, certainly, belongs to the more complex business ventures.
The consequences are obvious: In contrast to vibrant founding activities in the IT and trading businesses, new chemical companies are scarce. Given the importance of the chemical industry in Germany and considering the changes and challenges of this branch, the lack of new companies is alarming.

Dr. Oliver Seidelmann at chemical start-ups magdeburg

ChiroBlock, that was a start-up venture 17 years ago, supports the chemical start-up ecosystem in Germany. We do know from our own experiences that sharing ideas, communication and education of the founders is more important than just providing money or lab space. Hence, we took part in this year’s “Entrepreneur Week“in Magdeburg earlier this month. Dr. Seidelmann shed light on the special issues and pitfalls of founding a chemical company an encouraged student also to consider a career as self-employed persons in start-ups.


New focus: Natural Compounds

ChiroBlock has been dealing with syntheses of (chiral) building blocks, many of them constituents of natural compounds, for more than a decade. However, directly addressing entire, complex natural compounds has not been the business focus so far.

In July this started to change. A new technical department was equipped, staffed and made ready for operation. Here, both the isolation and purification of natural extracts is possible as well as the chemical derivatisation of such naturally occurring substances.

This new department is being supported by The European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI) - co-financing one of the key scientists employed (for up to two years).

The services and products of this newly established department cater the needs of customers mainly in the food and cosmetics industry. Merging the highly optimised results of nature’s lab with state-of-the-art chemistry is intended to result in new compounds exhibiting outstanding properties together with an excellent safety and tolerance profile.    


Chemspec Europe in Basel

We would like to thank all customers and visitors for making this show a big success.

There's no better place to connect with new and existing contacts and learn from industry experts than an exhibition. ChiroBlock's booth has been busy at all times. Thank you all for your interest and precious inputs.

The participation of ChiroBlock at Chemspec 2016 is supported by:

The European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds)


Meet us at Chemspec Europe

ChiroBlock will be exhibiting at the ChemSpec Europe in Basel (June 01-02).

In case you intend to visit the event, we would appreciate to discuss the latest developments and current or future projects.

Please, either schedule a meeting for longer discussions or just drop by at any time (booth N° CS/K 100). We are looking forward to talking to you.

The participation of ChiroBlock at Chemspec 2016 is supported by:

The European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds)


Promising News at Lipocalyx

Lipocalyx, a German biotech company in the field of non-viral transfection reagents, has been developing in a very impressive way since its foundation about five years ago.

Four different product lines were established all of which show excellent transfecting properties.

Their superiority compared to competing products did not only result in rising worldwide sales figures but also in more than 20 top-notch publications of scientists who managed to even address hardly accessible cells such as mesenchymal stem cells, macrophages, monocytes, myoblasts and hepatocytes (also refer to  www.lipocalyx.de).

Two weeks ago, lipocalyx closed a new deal with financial investors supporting the further growth of the company. ChiroBlock doesn’t only support this company by providing sophisticated compounds but we are also a co-founding partner right from the beginning. We are proud of the lipocalyx team and very much appreciate the fruitful co-operation between our two companies.


Sparking the Love for Chemistry

Chemistry naturally is fascinating. It doesn’t take much to enthuse people for this unparalleled mix of science, art and industrial applications – just one spark. However, this ignition doesn’t com from books.

Chemistry needs to be touched, made, experienced, observed. For safety reasons, this can’t be done in a garage – instead a lab is needed. ChiroBlock continues to support the local laboratory for pupils.

Together with some other companies, we donated money for equipment, chemicals and staff of this unique educational institution. Each year, several hundreds of pupils get in touch with chemical experiments in this way for the very first time.

We regard this as the best mean in order to spark the love for chemistry. And this love, finally, is the basement for the next generation of talented chemists and chemical technicians. Some of them might join ChiroBlock in the future. We are confident: this money pays off and is a worthwhile investment.

Scheckübergabe Schülerlabor


Lab Space Extended

As a response to the increasing demand for ChiroBlock’s services, we extended our lab space by additional 100 sqm. The new laboratory has been designed for re-synthesis projects of customer specific compounds derived from either our MoleculeFactory – or our ReDesignFactory – business branch on scales between 100 g and 10 kg. In contrast to our R&D labs, it meets all the requirements of a more ‘product oriented approach’ of performing chemical syntheses. On the one hand, this includes the equipment for handling larger quantities of chemicals, on the other hand, all aspects of quality assurance according to IPEC 2006 PQC are addressed. Now, our customers benefit from our capabilities also to re-supply newly developed, sophisticated compounds.


Visit us at Chemspec Europe

ChiroBlock will be exhibiting at the ChemSpec Europe in Cologne again this year (June 24th to 25th).

In case you intend to visit the event, we would appreciate to discuss the latest developments and current or future projects.
Please, either schedule a meeting for longer discussions or just drop by at any time (booth N° CS01).

We are looking forward to see you in Cologne.


Ten Years Vocational Training at ChiroBlock: Best Apprentice Just Graduated

Qualified and dedicated staff is the most valuable treasure of every company. Just hiring people from outside is only second choice. While scientists have to study at universities and need to gain additional know-how and experiences at other institutions, technical staff is best qualified together with their future employer.
ChiroBlock has successfully been educating highly specialized lab-technicians for 10 years now. This anniversary coincides with the graduation of our youngest apprentice Matthias who just finished the three and a half years education course as lab-technician. The very special fact about that: Matthias was awarded the prize as best graduate of the year in the greater area Bitterfeld-Wolfen. We proudly congratulate him and are looking forward to welcoming him as our newest technician. Winning the competition against dozens of other apprentices from notable companies such as Bayer, Akzo Nobel and DOW not only is the result of Matthias’ hard work but also proves the excellence of ChiroBlock’s vocational training program.


R&D Milestones Reached

At the beginning of January, two major milestones of one of our internal R&D projects were reached. In our search for new preserving agents we both succeeded in identifying three new, more active compounds and, on the other hand, we could prove their low toxicity in vitro.
Both aspects are of tremendous importance as we are aiming at applications in ophthalmic and other topical APIs. The currently used preserving excipients either do not exhibit a broad antibiotic activity profile (against fungi & microbes) or they show side effects which can not be neglected, especially with longer treatment schemes.
These results back our confidence to finally offer effective and benign alternatives in this important field within the next 1-2 years.   


New QC lab opened

While Quality Control always has been an important issue at ChiroBlock, the relevance of this department has got a substantial push in the process of further developing our quality management system. Especially the requirements of our “ReDesignFactory”-business as well as the very first examples of providing special compounds as starting materials for biotech processes, fuelled the need for new and enhanced QC facilities.This month, we opened a new Quality Control lab with dedicated analytical equipment for monitoring all quality relevant data of both starting materials, in process controls and of our products. New investments were made not only in the laboratory itself but also in a new HPLC device. This instrument complements our HPLC infrastructure by adding special features such as refractory index detection, extended gradient programs and sophisticated multi column set-ups.


ISO 9001 Certification

Responding both to the rising number of customer requirements and to the need of increasing our internal efficiency, ChiroBlock successfully applied for the certification of its quality management system according to the ISO 9001 norm.
The two days audit, carried out by the CERTURIA agency ( Opens external link in new windowlink) and witnessed by the DAKKS (Germany's National Accreditaion Body) did not reveal any substantial deviations from the normative guidelines. Consequently, the certificate was granted without any restrictive stipulations.
ChiroBlock now is one of the very few chemical R&D companies without own production worldwide, having implemented an officially certified ISO 9001 QM system. This feature will strengthen our position in the market as it shows that creativity in R&D and a much more formal QM system are not incompatible to each other but, at the end, guarantee better and validated results for the benefit of our customers.



New Publication on the Cytotoxicity of ChiroBlock's beta-Nitro Carboxylates

Beta-Nitro carboxylic esters are not only valuable precursors for (enantio pure) amino acid derivatives as ChiroBlock revealed in its "IP-Factory" business field some years ago, but they also proved to exhibit remarkable physiological properties.
A research group headed by Prof. Dr. R. Csuk of the University of Halle ( Opens external link in new windowlink) investigated the cytotxicity of 2-substituted 3-nitro carboxylates. They managed to show that especially compounds with aromatic substituents are effective toxins with respect to special human cancer cell lines.
The results have now been published in Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 24 (2014) 4011. These findings both encourage further research with this promising compound class in the field of life sciences and they constitute an illustrative example of the fruitful collaboration between ChiroBlock and Prof. Csuk's research group.


The Foundation for German Science awards ChiroBlock with seal of approval

The "Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft" has honoured ChiroBlock with the seal of approval for its Research & Development.

"The Stifterverband tends to the bases of innovation: strong universities, promoting young talent, and ensuring fruitful exchange between business and science. That significantly boosts the competitiveness of German businesses." says Kurt Bock, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE and Vice-President of the Stifterverband.


Meet us at Sciences meets companies

ChiroBlock is scouting new talents. Visit us at Sciences meets Companies in Halle on May, 22nd 2014 in Halle (Weinberg Campus)

Please find our current job listings here: Opens internal link in current windowCareer at ChiroBlock


News from our IPFactory: Lipocalyx starts international distribution for its Viromer technology

Halle, Mar 27th, 2014: Lipocalyx, a company offering the novel Viromer® transfection reagents, today announces the start of its sales in Taiwan, France and China. The company has entered into distribution agreements with GenDiscovery from Taiwan, the French firm Interchim and also with Maibio out of Shanghai, China.

Steffen Panzner, Founder and CEO of Lipocalyx comments: „We are very happy about the massive interest in our products around the world and I am personally impressed by the speed of development. Viromers for RNAi just left the garage about a year ago, we added new reagents in October 2013 and now go international”.

Christian Reinsch, Principal Investigator, adds: “Within about 12 months in the market, Viromers have generated an impressive list of competitive results in extremely challenging models such as primary cells, suspensions cells or in differentiating cells.”

About Viromers: Viromers are transfection reagents for hard-to-transfect cells such as primary, suspension, differentiating or stem cells. Unlike other reagents VIromers feature an active endosome escape mechanism, driving safe and efficient transfection. Optimized Viromers are available for siRNA or miRNA (Viromer BLUE or GREEN) and for DNA plasmids (Viromer RED or YELLOW)

About Lipocalyx: The company specializes in transfection reagents, so-called Viromers. Lipocalyx is situated at the Weinberg campus in Halle (Saale), a local high-tech hub. The company is privately held and received seed money from HTGF, Bonn and IBG, Magdeburg. ChiroBlock, which took a strategical share in Lipocalyx, supports the company in providing sophisticated, new compounds which are part of Lipocalyx' transfection system.


Visit us at the analytica exhibition in Munich - Booth B1.143

The International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis and Biotechnology is the only trade fair that covers all modern analysis processes in science and industry – from taking samples to measuring, data analysis and archiving.

In 2012, 1,026 exhibitors from 37 countries used the fair to present their latest developments to more than 30,000 competent trade visitors from 110 countries and to make contacts with decision-makers from all branches of industry – and for good reason.

Besides the exhibits themselves, analytica 2014 also features a diverse program of first-rate related events. The analytica conference in particular makes analytica one of the most important events in this industry.

ChiroBlock joins this event with an own booth. Please contact us if you are interested in a meeting at analytica in Munich, 01.04. – 04.04.2014 at booth B1.143.


Happy New Year 2014

We wish you a prosperous and healthy New Year 2014. We would like to thank all our staff members, customers & friends for their confidence in us and the pleasant cooperation.


New R&D project started!

A new internal R&D project was launched on October the 1st. Together with the reseach group of Dr. Reichl at the Technical University in Braunschweig, ChiroBlock is aiming at new preserving agents.
There is both an increasing demand for new types of such agents as well as for better synthetic approaches to these compounds.

While ChiroBlock contributes its experiences in developing and optimising chemical syntheses, the group of Dr. Reichl is dealing with all structure activity related issues.
This 2 years project qualified for a grant of the "ZIM-Programm" of the Ministry of Economy.
We are confident that this interesting and promising task will result in new, proprietary products strengthening ChiroBlock's IP-factory.


Achievements in Health - Safety and Environment - The new HSE Report

One central issue in ChiroBlock's HSE policy is the responsible use of (electrical) energy.

Despite the fact that the conversion of matter requires much energy in most cases, the German chemical industry strives to reduce the energy consumption in order to decrease the environmental footprint of its products and as to support the German Energy Turnaround for Sustainability which was initiated in 2011.

ChiroBlock has been implementing strict energy related in-house rules for both investment decisions and for streamlining internal processes since 2005.

As a consequence, the specific electrical energy consumption per 1000 EUR turnover could be reduced from ~48 kWh in 2005 to ~ 33 kWh in the first six months of 2013. This is an extraordinary low value in the chemical industry.

Together with the fact that ChiroBlock only buys electrical energy from renewable sources (wind, sun, water), these figures push the company in the forefront of world-wide energy efficiency and contribute to our customer's own energy saving and HSE programs.

If you wish to review our HSE Report please send an email at  contact@chiroblock.de


Report: 2nd quarter 2013

ChiroBlock successfully completed the first major projects in the business field "ReDesign Factory" in 2013.

Here, new, validated synthesis processes on lab scale have been developed which replaced older, less efficient ones.

One customer, for example, benefits from an improved hydrogenation procedure resulting in a substantial reduction of the noble catalyst load. Cost savings of two hundred thousand EUR per year are the positive outcome.

Another scientist was employed in April this year. With a research background from the Leibnitz Institute of Plant-biosciences and with industrial experiences in several US and European companies, he complements ChiroBlock's R&D staff in an ideal way.
He will strengthen our capabilities in the field of chemo enzymatic reactions.

The second quarter of 2013 also was a period of frequent and successful customer audits. As an example, ChiroBlock has qualified for the delivery of a critical supplement to a biotech process.


Chemspec Munich - a big success

We would like to thank all customers and visitors for making this show a big success.

There's no better place to connect with new and existing contacts and learn from industry experts than an exhibition. ChiroBlock's booth has been busy at all times. Thank you all for your interest and precious inputs.


Events: Chemspec Munich 05 - 06 June

Meet us at Chemspec Munich, M.O.C. - 05 - 06 June 2013

As ChiroBlock will be exhibiting at Chemspec Europe 2013 in Munich, we would be greatly interested in meeting with you to discuss the latest developments and projects. ChiroBlock has made significant changes and added new value creating tools to increase its efficiency. If you decide to accept our invitation for a meeting, please contact: contact@chiroblock.de. Either way, we most graciously welcome you to visit us at our booth N° 2CS12.


3rd 4chiral workshop – Free Download

Free Download: Presentations given by Prof. Dr. René Csuk (Professor for Organic Chemistry, MLU), Dr. Jens Holz (Group Leader, Leibniz Institute for Catalysis) and Dr. Sergey Sergeyev (COO, The European Center for Chirality), as well as Dr. Uwe Müller (CEO, HAPILA GmbH)

The 3rd 4chiral workshop was held last week in Bitterfeld/ Wolfen. 4chiral is a network with superior expertise in R&D and production of chiral compounds.

On 26th of March the networking partners met in Bitterfeld/Wolfen to exchange information about new developments, technologies and research projects. ChiroBlock as an established partner and co-founder of the 4chiral network is proud to disseminate some presentations given by experts during the conference.  

For your information and for free download:

 Initiates file downloadProf. Dr. René Csuk: Ausflüge zu regio- und stereoselektiven Reaktionen an Naturstoffen.pdf (GER)    (451 KB)

 Initiates file downloadDr. Sergey Sergeyev: Assignment of the absolute stereochemistry of chiral molecules by vibrational circular dichroism.pdf (VCD) (ENG) (893 KB)

 Initiates file downloadDr. Jens Holz: Chirale Phospholane für die Synthese enantiomerenreiner Produkte.pdf (GER) (1.1 MB)

 Initiates file downloadDr. Uwe Müller: Kleine Partikel in der Wirkstoffentwicklung - Particle Design von Wirkstoffen durch Mikrokristallisation.pdf (GER) (715 KB)


Meet us at the 3rd 4chiral workshop on 26th of March in Bitterfeld

ChiroBlock is an established partner and co-founder of the 4chiral network. 4chiral is a network with superior expertise in R&D and production of chiral compounds.

With its motto OUR CORE COMPETENCE IS CHIRALITY this network is conducting research and development projects in the field of chiral compounds, whereby the main focus is on pharmaceutical relevant enantiomers.

The main activities and efforts are on the development and optimisation of new products and technologies and the ordered compound synthetisation and production of well established or new products as well. The development, optimisation and production of catalysts are also vital parts of this network’s expertise. 

The Network Offers
  • complementary or alternative process technologies of small amounts on the 0.1 t scale
  • development of new catalysts for enzymatic synthesises development of new ways of synthesis production of precursor substances or agents on the tonne scale
  • a broad offer of search and development capacities
  • analytical and synthetically technologies for the production of chiral compounds
The partners of Network 4chiral cover a wide range of requirements of the worldwide life-science industry.

  • The development of new catalysts for bioenzymatic syntheses
  • The development of new synthetic approaches for chiral chemicals on lab-scale
  • The production of intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in bulk quantities under cGMP guidelines

Read more: www.4chiral.de

To discuss the most recent developments and projects all partners will meet on 26th of March 2013 in Bitterfeld.


Meet us at: GDCH 5. Mitteldeutsche Jobbörse für NaturwissenschaftlerInnen Leipzig

Career Day for Scientists in Leipzig. 17th of January 2013 at the University of Leipzig (Department of Chemistry). We are looking forward to meeting you there. 


Synthesis of chiral b2-amino acids by asymmetric hydrogenation

Chiral b2-amino acids can be synthesized using their prochiral precursors b-aryl- or b-heteroaryl-a-N- benzyl/N-acetyl/N-Boc substituted a-aminomethylacrylates.

These substrates were obtained using a Baylis-Hillman reaction, followed by acylation and amination. A broad scope of chiral catalysts, especially commercially available phosphorus ligands in combination with the transition-metal rhodium, have been tested for asymmetric hydrogenation.

The results in terms of conversion and enantioselectivity vary significantly according to reaction conditions and/or substrates used.

Applying the optimized reaction conditions, considering factors such as the chiral catalyst, the H2-pressure, the temperature and the solvent used, a quantitative conversion as well as 99% ee were accomplished.

If you wish more information, please refer to our new publication in cooperation with the Leibnitz Institute for Catalysis and the University of Rostock in Tetrahedron Vol. 23 - Nr.17/ September 2012.


ChiroBlock: Seeking New Apprentices - Become a Lab Technicians (Start: 03/2013 and 09/2013)

Please find job listing/ description here. (German) Opens internal link in current windowAuszubildung zur Chemielaborant/in - ChiroBlock sucht für 2013 noch Auszubildende für den Standort Wolfen/ Bitterfeld.


new approaches to 2-substituted 3-amino alcohols and related derivatives

Another in-house research project on enantioselective catalysis was successfully finished last month.

Our researchers managed to find new approaches to 2-substituted 3-amino alcohols and related derivatives. These findings complement ChiroBlock's proprietary know-how on enantioselective Michael additions in an ideal way and lay the basis for new business opportunities in our IP-Factory business.


Chemspec Europe 2012 a big success for ChiroBlock

Sincere thanks to all who visited us at the Chemspec in Barcelona. ChiroBlock's stand was visited very frequently.
The increased number of visitors has reinforced our decision to completely focus on small scale synthesis research. ChiroBlock has established many new contacts to potential customers and partners.
Also we would like to thank our regular customers for their positive feedback and time. We are looking forward to Chemspec 2013 in Munich.


Meet us at the Chemspec Europe 2012

Barcelona (ES), Booth CS25, Gran via Exhibition Center


Meet us at: Innovationsforum funktionelle Farbstoffe

Wolfen (DE), 31 May - 01 June 2012 - ChiroBlock is a proudly sponsor of this innovative meeting up from scientist all over Europe, presenting latest development in dyes, oleds and new applications


Meet us at: Science meets companies

Halle (DE), Weinbergweg Campus, 10 May 2012


BioTech Start up Lipocalyx -
ChiroBlock have finished an other important milestone: Proof of a new and promising drug delivery approach

Only half a year after the foundation of the biotech company Lipocalyx, an important milestone of the demanding business plan could be reached successfully: The first proof of a new and promising drug delivery approach was delivered.
ChiroBlock, which took a strategical share in Lipocalyx, supports the company in providing sophisticated, new compounds which are part of Lipocalyx' transfection system. After having passed this first critical milestone, both companies are confident to further make substantial progress within the next few months - resulting in a market entry of the new products by the year 2014. 

 Initiates file downloadPress Release 2011 -
Collaboration Lipocalyx - ChiroBlock (german)
 (54 KB)


New Distribution Partner -
Germany based ABCR gets the exclusive and world wide right to sell ChiroBlock's (mostly) chiral building blocks

Last month, a contract between the Germany based trading company ABCR, one of the leading providers of research chemicals, and ChiroBlock was signed. This agreement grants ABCR an exclusive and world wide right to sell research quantities of a selection of ChiroBlock's compounds resulting from own research projects.
This new partnership will effectively support the worldwide marketing of our newly developed - mainly chiral - building blocks. It is a consequent step in accordance with ChiroBlock's policy to entirely focus on synthetic research and development.

 Opens external link in new windowABCR Homepage


Meet us at the Chemspec Europe

Geneva (CH)


Continuous Flow Syntheses -
ChiroBlock implements micro reactor system

After a longer period of testing several continuous flow system architectures, ChiroBlock has completed the implementation of the most suitable micro reactor system as standard synthesis operation this month.
This investment is a response to the increasing demand for developing safe and high yielding synthetic processes for potentially hazardous and/or exothermic reaction steps. We are confident that this continuous flow system enables ChiroBlock to benefit from hitherto unexplored and now accessible synthetic strategies of sophisticated molecules.


Research Co-Laboration on Catalysis

This month, a research & development co-operation project between ChiroBlock and the Leibnitz Institute of Catalysis (LIKAT) in Rostock was initiated.  New approaches to small chiral building blocks are  being investigated together during the next two years.
While ChiroBlock contributes its experiences on chiral C-C couplings, the well renowned Rostock center of catalysis adds the know-how on enantioselective hydrogenation. As a result our customers will benefit both from new synthetic chemistry capabilities and from new chiral molecules.

 Opens external link in new windowHomepage Leibnitz Institute of Catalysis (LIKAT)


New Patent Filed

As a result from ChiroBlock's continuous research on stereo selective catalysis, another patent was filed recently (DE102009055183). There, our latest discoveries on catalysed formations of C-C - bonds are disclosed. This know-how forms the basis for new approaches to new, valuable - enantiomerically pure - building blocks.

For older releases please refer to our news archive