ChiroBlock's Contract Options for Custom Synthesis & Contract Research:

ChiroBlock is a specialist for small scale custom synthesis of complex, new and otherwise not available molecules. Our stringent focus allows us to live a "no results - no payment" policy.
This means we can offer even very risky synthesis projects on a result based payment (Fee for Result or Fee for Service).
Please find below a short summary of ChiroBlock's contract options. If you want further details on the different modules, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fee for Result (Fee for Service):

92% of all our projects are being carried out under the so called Fee for Service (FFS/FFR) or Fee for Result contract model. Within this contract option ChiroBlock covers all the risks and the customer only has to pay, if we can deliver the compound requested. Also the price is fixed. No additional costs will add, even if the synthesis does not proceed as expected and more resources than initially estimated have to be employed. This is the ideal choice for every customer who is seeking for calculable costs & risks.

Full Time Employee (FTE):

5% of all our projects are being carried out under the so called Full time equivalent (FTE) contract model. Most suppliers offer their custom synthesis projects under this contract option. Here the customer has to cover the risk of unforeseeable problems themselves.
The price stated within the offer is not fixed and can increase, if the synthesis does not progress as initially anticipated. The customer pays for resources employed at the supplier's side and not for results. This model is ideal for customers with a huge demand for chemical contract research services, as the administrative efforts are comparatively low. Also this model is often chosen e.g. for feasibility studies on extremely risky synthesis projects with completely uncertain outcome. In these cases ChiroBlock offers an own version of this model.

We call it effective working hours (EWH). With this option the customer does not pay for complete months/ years, but only for the hours effectively spent on the project and recorded by our controlling system.

Royalties/ Shares:

3% of all our projects are being carried out under the so called Royalty contract model. In some cases ChiroBlock invests in promising ideas by contributing with own research resources. This can be an ideal solution for companies without own resources for chemical research looking for a long time partnership. In this model the customer pays with company shares or success based.

Further contract options:

To meet your specific requirements ChiroBlock is offering further options regarding flexible pricing, flexible payment and flexible delivery time. Please contact us and we'll find the best solution for you.

  • special rates for regular customers
  • special rates for strategic partnerships (e.g. research institutes & universities for marketing and research cooperations)
  • milestone payment (e.g. payment after each synthesis step)
  • speed options (for very urgent orders)
  • early bird rate (book capacities in advance)

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