Welcome to our IP-Factory

  • Synthesis of chiral, non-natural, abiotic analogues of natural compounds

  • Proprietary approaches to sophisticated molecules exhibiting optimised properties for numerous applications

As a chemical research organisation, ChiroBlock is focused on creating new synthesis IP and know how every day.
ChiroBlock's long and successful history started with passionate chemists seeking new approaches to chiral molecules.

Apart from our customer exclusive research and synthesis services, ChiroBlock continues to pursue own R&D projects on making new compounds available. The focus of these in-house projects is mainly directed on (chiral) derivatives of natural compounds.

As a result ChiroBlock's IP-Factory provides unique (chiral) building blocks and the IP to make them. The most important/actual examples of such compounds cover analogues of naturally occurring molecules, namely beta amino acids, gamma amino alcohols and fluoro substituted glycosyl donors as well as oligomeric poly-amines and new preservatives.

ChiroBlock has built up a strong know-how position on the stereoselective synthesis of such versatile chiral fine chemicals in both enantiomeric forms.

Our innovative approaches using asymmetric catalysis, self organisation processes and efficient purification procedures enable us to offer a broad variety of substitution patterns for each compound class at competitive prices.
Please refer to all standard sourcing databases or contact us directly for a list of our exciting building blocks and active molecules. Up to kg quantities can be synthesised at Chiroblock, larger amounts are available via our manufacturing partners.

The conduct of own scientific research projects continuously strengthens ChiroBlock’s expertise in the field of modern organic syntheses and boosts our innovative power, intellectual acuity and originality.

This spirit of doing exciting scientific research, of course, also fertilizes the customer specific branches “MoleculeFactory” and “ReDesignFactory”. Find out, what we have developed so far or just ask for individual adaptions.

We convert ideas into molecules.