Where our chemistry services can ad value and who is already taking advantages of ChiroBlock`s services:  

The answer can be given in a short version:  

ChiroBlock's customers are always R&D departments seeking partners to outsource special chemistry issues. 

…and in a longer one:  

ChiroBlock’s customers are found in all industries the products of which are based on molecules exhibiting special desired properties – such as the pharmaceutical industry, biotech, nutrition (food supplements), sweeteners, cosmetics, dyes, new materials, OLEDs, catalysts, biocides, lubricants…

Additionally, also public research institutes investigating applications in all these fields belong to our clients.   As divers as these customers are – all of them permanently are looking for:  

  • Commercially not available compounds (ChiroBlock’s Custom Synthesis Service)
  • A new, optimised synthesis approach towards known chemicals (ChiroBlock’s  Route Scouting Service)
  • IP regarding the synthesis of hitherto not accessible sophisticated (chiral) molecules (ChiroBlock’s Know How Transfer Service)

ChiroBlock – with its three business lines:
perfectly meets the requirements of all these three aspects of chemistry related needs.  

The advantages of such a customer diversity on the one hand and those of the strict focus on small scale synthesis plus research & development on synthesis routes on the other hand are obvious:
  • the number of very different projects with substantially different questions requiring new, individual answers increase our treasure trove of experiences day by day
  • our customers can tap this vast pool of know-how and operating experiences for the benefit of their own tasks to be solved
  • we address each and every problem completely unbiased – both regarding a synthesis technology to be considered and a starting point to be set
  • with no engagement of ChiroBlock in large scale manufacturing or in the determination & prediction of compound properties, the customers always get 100% power in chemical R&D and small scale synthesis
  • without any dependence from one single industry, ChiroBlock is not susceptible to economic cycles with their changing and negative impact on suppliers and their service capability  

We are definitely aware of all possible requirements of our customers with any imaginable nuance of emphasis:
  • the ‘open-source’ approach of prioritising the speed to market at the expense of filing patents
  • the focus on generating new, exclusive and hitherto unprotected IP
  • the prioritisation of getting the desired compound(s) – regardless of the actual synthesis route – and the other way round
  • the emphasis on a multitude of comparatively impure compounds compared to the synthesis of only a few ultra-pure substances
  • the focus on scalability, environmental impact, regulatory issues and/or validated protocols for the transfer to manufacturers

Many companies offering chemistry related services are focused on the “big-players” of the pharmaceutical industry. What about mid-sized and small companies?

What about small start-ups or public research institutes struggling with small budgets?  

While the multinational enterprises also play an important role at ChiroBlock, we do care about the needs of all the other customer groups.

Their chemistry related outsourcing volume is even growing faster than that of big pharma. Quite individual solutions are required when addressing the very special problems of non-pharma customers in their search for external chemistry R&D support.

ChiroBlock is aware of these requirements and has set up different contract models to respond to their needs.  

Public research institutes, for example, qualify for discounts if ChiroBlock is allowed to add the client to the reference list or if ChiroBlock is cited in scientific articles. Start-ups, being short of money, can choose to pay with shares.

ChiroBlock has gained a long track record in supporting start-ups, e.g. from the BioTech sector, by taking over chemistry related tasks, such as the synthesis of serveral hit-structures for first tests, the development of an exclusive synthesis route, the validation of the lab scale procedure and the transfer to GMP manufacturers for up-scaling and production.

We can handle both multi-year projects as well as smallest tasks of only some hours of work.

As another contract option, royalty based remunerations are offered to mid-sized companies with a low budget for external R&D.

These royalties, e.g., are based on the savings realised by employing ChiroBlock’s optimised synthetic route.

There are many additional options possible – just tell us your request and we will definitely find a solution.