About ChiroBlock:

Your chemistry outsourcing partner.

Location: Wolfen, Germany
Founded: 1999
Size: medium size (13% growth p.a.)
Syntheses successfully completed: >75.000
Syntheses successfully completed in 2016: >5.000

“Converting Ideas into Molecules” –
this exactly is the motto of ChiroBlock. As an experienced outsourcing partner, we provide custom tailored solutions for clients seeking chemical contract research on organic syntheses and customised synthesis services.

With our stringent focus on chemical synthesis research, ChiroBlock's service is filling the gap between basic chemical research at public institutions and the product oriented development at chemical manufacturers.

Our Vision:

Become the best outsourcing partner for chemical synthesis R&D

ChiroBlock's vision is to become one of the very best service providers worldwide in the field of applied research on chemical syntheses of sophisticated low-molecular compounds.

ChiroBlock is THE partner to all industries the products of which are based on defined properties of (new) molecules. ChiroBlock is defining and developing the standards in this market regarding efficiency, flexibility, know-how and problem solving competency.

Our Mission:

Stringent focus on contract Synthesis R&D to gain advantages of specialisation

The absolute focus on synthesis and the development and utilisation of ChiroBlock's “Synthesis R&D Platform” together with the combination of contract and own in-house projects are the prerequisites for reaching our vision objectives.

The resulting proprietary IP, the process landscape and the custom-fit infra structure, secure the constantly high and standard setting quality of our services.

While a nicely set vision and mission always sound positive and favourable, both are worthless without daily and systematically planned steps towards their aims.

We at ChiroBlock have been proving the successful translation of abstract objectives into tangible results since 1999. With the target on the screen and all senses open for marked demands, we have been overcome many temptations to direct business into other, more common and ostensibly more promising directions:

  • ChiroBlock does not manufacture anything on large scale.
  • ChiroBlock is not engaged in trading or in any kind of a catalogue business.
  • ChiroBlock does not claim being able to predict the properties of (new) molecules.

Each of these fields definitely is worth a business. However, we do not see any synergistic effects with our one and only profession: chemical research and development on small scale syntheses

Vertical and horizontal clusters to serve clients looking for all-in-one outsourcing services in chemistry

“Converting Ideas into Molecules” – meaning to perform research and development on syntheses and to actually carry out and to validate theses syntheses on small scale.

Of course, we are closely working together with proven partners of all related fields – from up-scaling, and trading to GMP-production and in-silico predicting of molecule properties.

Our customers can freely chose whether to use their own resources for these tasks or to outsource tasks and rely on our partners associated with each other in efficiently managed horizontal and vertical clusters.

ChiroBlock “only” contributes to the synthesis - to the art of actually making new molecules for the first time or known compounds in a much better way. This is a complex and demanding task on its own – and the very domain of synthetic chemists.

Successful serving our customer’s demands through focused synthesis services and targeted chemical research

ChiroBlock is bridging the gap between basic research results on synthesis and their application at manufacturers for the benefit of our customers. The best proof for the quality of our R&D services is our long term profitability without supplementary standard businesses like production or trading.

This service is offered in three related business lines:


Regardless of which services are needed, all are based on ChiroBlock's “Synthesis R&D Platform” enabling us to assume most of the project risks and to offer the services on a no results – no fee basis.

Historical Background:
ChiroBlock-The specialised pioneer in the European cCRO market

ChiroBlock was founded by three PhD chemists right after their graduation early in 1999.
It was an answer to the changes, the chemistry related industries have been faced since the late 1980ies.

On the one hand, both the traditional corporate structures covering the entire value creating chain from R&D to production & marketing and complex horizontally integrated technology frameworks came under pressure in the worldwide process of increasing efficiency by decreasing complexity.

This process led to the disclosure of many former central chemistry research units/departments, especially in the pharmaceutical companies.

Disregarding these developments, the demand for new chemical entities, for new research compounds, for chemical products and services remained high and became even more brisk with the advent of numerous Bioteches, diagnostic and nano-material start-up companies.

Additionally, new challenges with regard to the environmental impact of industrial processes together with the increasing importance of alternative, solar based energy concepts require new “matter-transforming”, i.e. synthetic-chemical, approaches.

All of these approaches and industries are based on new molecules, on transformed matter, hence on chemistry. But most of these companies did not and do not regard chemical in-house research as being strategically important to them.

Chemical synthesis is too complex on its own and it is itself a vividly developing branch of science and industry. To keep up with progress in synthetic chemistry at a company which pursues another business in the first hand, would neither be efficient nor successful in the long term.

An answer to these developments of increasing demand for chemistry with less and less in-house facilities/resources is „outsourcing“. This does not only comprise ‚chemical production’, the market of which has been served by so called Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMO) for some decades.

This as well applies to applied chemical research and development with “chemical Contract Research Organisations” (cCRO) as suppliers.

ChiroBlock with its exclusive focus on synthesis R&D regards itself as one of the European pioneers in this cCRO market. We are by far not the largest supplier, neither by turnover nor by headcount, but we are convinced to belong to the very few cCROs which fully comply with the market needs, created to exactly meet the specific requirements of this science based service.

In contrast to many of our competitors, we do not see any synergies between lab-scale research & synthesis on the one side and chemical production or a catalogue & product business on the other side.

Less than 2% of all new molecular entities turn out to be needed on larger scale. Up-scaling and chemical manufacturing are matured but still demanding businesses on their own, requiring completely different staff, equipment and approaches than with synthesis research and development.

So, since the beginning in 1999, ChiroBlock's policy has been not to act as ‚one-stop-shop’ or as a product company offering idle capacities for custom synthesis.

Contract research & custom synthesis, i.e. providing services and not selling (standard) products, is the only and successful business field of ChiroBlock which is complemented by own in-house research projects generating proprietary IP on sophisticated chiral compounds and their synthesis.

While we have decided against many classical business options (manufacturing, trading), we do address the entire field of synthesis without any technologically bias. (refer to “Why ChiroBlock - Why a specialist for small scale synthesis”). We always try to find the best way making a molecule and suiting our customer's needs.

ChiroBlock's Business Policy and contribution to chemical innovations in the field of organic synthesis

Offering results instead of mere resources is the logical consequence of our business model. ChiroBlock normally does not sell chemists on the basis of FTE rates as many competitors do.

Lending infrastructure or manpower is a very basic business concept without any need for innovation, with low risks & margins – and, most importantly, without a really profound benefit for the customer. ChiroBlock`s business is not that of a landlord but that of an innovative and creative architect.

Our company construction, together with state-of-the-art equipment, the permanent improvement of internal processes, the access to and processing of world-wide chemistry knowledge and the continuous education schemes for employees have been resulting in a growing number of satisfied customers and – hence - in a steady - but still manageable - growth of ChiroBlock since its foundation.

Being completely independent and staff-owned, we have got the ability to follow our policy for the benefit of our customers without any interfering external influence.

Please, refer to the three business fields for some examples of our innovative solutions and results. ChiroBlock really transforms ideas into molecules – those molecules which make our customer’s products unique.

ChiroBlock –
located in central Europe’s largest chemical cluster

In 2001 the company moved from Merseburg to Wolfen. Both towns are situated in the traditional chemistry region Leipzig-Halle in the heart of Germany.

Due to its rich natural resources and central location in the middle of Europe it was one of the ‚cradles' of chemical industry in Germany about 130 years ago. Names, brands and towns like BUNA, Wolfen, LEUNA, Schkopau, ORWO, AGFA, Bitterfeld and Böhlen reflect the variety and importance of chemistry in this area.

The production of synthetic rubber and films for colour photography are perhaps the best-known examples of the creativity of former chemist generations.

The demand for chemical products and the autarkic policy of first Hitler's Germany and second the communist G.D.R. led to an enormous growth of the chemical companies and plants with hundreds of thousands of employees at the end of the 1980ies.

Environmental pollution of vast areas was the result of this development. During the last decade of the 20th century, uneconomical factories running old-fashioned chemical processes were closed down.

New, innovative companies have been – and are being - attracted to make use of the excellent infrastructure. The people's knowledge of and attitude towards chemistry remains an outstanding feature of this region.

ChiroBlock is committed to this history and started at the ‚mitz' (Merseburg Centre of Innovation and Technology) in the conurbation Halle-Leipzig. Now, the “ Opens external link in new windowTechnology Centre of Chemistry” is the home to our company.

It is located in the “ Opens external link in new windowChemiepark Bitterfeld-Wolfen”, the largest dedicated chemistry area in Europe hosting more than 130 chemical companies.